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Why White Shine Cleaning Service is Best for End of Lease Cleaning?

Are you leaving in a rental property in Melbourne? And planning to shift in new one. At that time, we need end of lease cleaning services for our house. Its also called bond back cleaning. Because at the time of taking the property on rent, we sign a bond contractor. And after leaving that apartment the last work is cleaning of that property to complete that contract.

Maintain a clean and organized environment is essential for everyone. It is not only good for your health but also enhances your home appearance too. Especially when you stay in a rental property, it is essential to take care of the property.

Do you stay in a rental property and planning to move out? Shifting is always hectic and stressful. You cannot leave a property in uncleaned condition, in a dirty condition. Because you want bond back. So, without any hesitation, contact experts like us. We as White shine cleaning service, are the professional end of lease cleaner. We provide 100% bond back guarantee. Our company is Melbourne Australia based. For the last five years, we are providing end of lease services to our valuable clients. Now an obvious question will come to your mind. Why should you hire us? When other cleaning companies are there. Let's see what makes us special.

What Make us Expert of end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, Australia

With five years of experience, we have offered our services to many clients (satisfied property manager, landlord, tenants, etc.). Customer satisfaction is very important in this business. If your customer is not happy, they won't come again to hire you; neither they would recommend your company's name to others. So we can proudly say we satisfy our customers fully. Our expert team consists of experienced and skilled end of lease cleaners. Who will provide you 100% guarantee of bond back and deep cleaning? If you stay in Melbourne and looking for end of clean without any second thought, just visit the official website of White shine cleaning service and dial the number. You can ask for the quotation. Our executive will contact you ASAP. We will take care of the property and also provide you the service within a very short time.

Lets move on to the checklist of end of lease cleaning

Living areas/ General/ Bedroom

  • Vacuum and mop on the floor
  • Clean, built-in cabinets
  • Wipe skirting
  • Clean all the doors and windows
  • Clean the window sills
  • Dust blinds
  • Clean railings
  • Clean the light fittings


  • Polish and wipe all the surface and benches
  • Clean all the cupboard inside out
  • Clean the hood, stovetop
  • Clean the oven thoroughly

Bathroom and toilet

  • Clean the toilet
  • Clean the cupboard
  • Clean the shower area
  • Clean the floor tiles
  • Clean bowl
  • Clean bathtub
  • Clean the mirror
  • Clean bathtub

For every person cleaning is a stressful job. To do cleaning its like a nightmare. It requires lots of effort. So hiring professional end of lease cleaners be the best idea. We are providing this end of lease of bond back cleaning in all over the Melbourne. The White shine cleaning service will provide the cleaning specialists, who will understand your situation and use modern machinery and equipment to clean every corner of your property. The best part is our service is 100% eco-friendly. We use chemical-free, non-toxic products to clean your property. So it's completely harmless and safe for your kids.